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Let's Get Comfortable

We want to understand who you are, where you come from, and why you do what you do. This isn’t just because we’re friendly Midwesterners. (We are.) It’s because every legal tool that LITE designs is custom tailored to your personality, communication style, and goals.   

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The way that you organize and run your business signals to the world what you stand for. LITE will help you adopt the entity and governance style that aligns with your values and principles. Not only will this keep your organization on track, it will communicate your unique value proposition to your customers and differentiate your business in the marketplace.  


Money is complicated. This is especially true if your business is accepting money from an outside investor. In fundraising, it’ s important (and legally required) to file the appropriate documentation with the government, clearly articulate risk and business objectives to your investors, and carefully craft what you share with the public. That’s a lot, right?

We told you. Money is complicated.    


A basic contract memorializes the details of an exchange. A sophisticated contract peeks into the future, anticipates dispute, and builds precise, emotionally intelligent mechanisms for addressing conflict. This is the value that LITE brings to the table. In addition to designing agreements that are tailored to your particular industry and business, LITE teaches you to effectively use and adapt your contracts for maximal value.   

Intellectual Property

You’re a social impact entrepreneur.  This means that your business, by design, is cutting edge and idea-rich. You should be protecting and leveraging your ideas to fortify your business. LITE can help you explore options for protection through copyright, trademark, and patent, as well as advise you on how to license your intellectual property to create passive revenue streams for your business. 

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