LITE is a social impact venture for social impact ventures 

Our purpose is to make high-quality legal information available to entrepreneurs of every stage, size, and budget. This is why we’ve developed our unique three-tiered service model that incorporates both legal education and representation.  


Workshops are for cash-sensitive entrepreneurs who want to learn to self-help safely and effectively. LITE workshops are holistic and practical, personal and precise. 

They’re also cheaper than LegalZoom.

See our events page for details on upcoming workshops.

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Tutoring bridges the gap between workshops and hiring an attorney. Maybe you’re in the midst of a contract negotiation that’s stalled. Or maybe you’re in a deadlock with your business partner on an important issue. In a tutoring arrangement, you bring a very specific problem to LITE, and then spend an allotted amount of time with an attorney crafting a plan to move the ball forward.  


LITE’s work is always done on a flat-fee basis. This keeps things transparent so that you can budget efficiently. Since we reject the billable hour, you won’t be charged by the minute for asking questions. The result of this (we hope) is that you will develop a meaningful and collaborative relationship with your counsel.  

To receive a quote for services, please contact LITE.