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LITE is a social impact venture for social impact ventures 

LITE’s work is always done on a flat-fee basis. This keeps things transparent so that you can budget efficiently. Since we reject the billable hour, you won’t be charged by the minute for asking questions. The result of this (we hope) is that you will develop a meaningful and collaborative relationship with your counsel.  

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Click Here for a detailed menu of service offerings and corresponding prices.

Spherical Packages

Spherical packages deliver comprehensive support for discrete legal projects. These packages are for organizations that are prepared to completely outsource legal work.

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Square Packages 

Square packages are an opportunity to check in with an attorney for course-correction and guidance. In a square engagement, you receive four corners of support rather than comprehensive assistance. LITE provides you with education and guidance while you take ownership of execution.

Plus Packages

Plus packages are for multi-factorial, complex legal problems that require a high level of strategic customization. LITE provides customized, full-service support.

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