LITE is law for social impact entrepreneurs

Profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive. They never have been. 

At LITE, we understand that good business is good business. So not only do we identify as a social impact law firm, we take pride in working with founders who leverage the profit motive to reshape our world for the better.   



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Intellectual Property

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We’re not a regular law firm. Forget the billable hour. LITE has a suite of service options that makes high quality legal information available to founders of every stage, size, and budget. 

Choose your own adventure, friend.


LITE operates virtually, so we do not maintain a brick-and-mortar office. Enhanced technology and security measures means that we do so without compromising the quality of our communication or the privacy of our clients. This low-overhead business model informs LITE’s pricing. Our rates reflect the quality of the services we provide, period.  

From the Founder

"We are lawyers by trade, teachers by design. We work cooperatively with our clients to understand the unique nuances of their businesses, identify gaps in their legal infrastructure, and design creative solutions."    

Fatimeh Pahlavan

Founder of LITE

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